Thales Lion Farmer

Thales Lion Farmer got his first contact with electric guitar when he was 12 to 13 years old. At age of 15, he started to play with bands and thereafter transformed his guitar in his work. Thales Lion Farmer dedicated most of his career to Jamaican music. With his band, Leões de Israel ( Lions of Israel Band ), got a long with lots of artists, like Gregory Isaacs, Marcia Griffiths, Ken Boothe and Max Romeo.

On the road for 20 years, he already got along almost 30 artists. Now and then, at 36 years old, his guitar sound is unique and he got a sound identity easy to recognise. He’s influenced by Soul, Funk, Blues, Rock and, of course, Reggae. Thales Lion Farmer always liked the sound of men that easy to recognise with a few notes, like Albert Collins, Carlos Santana and BB King, and he’s always been captivated by respect, tenderness and patience from Jamaican musicians, like his mentor, Dwight Pinkney.

Currently, Thales Lion Farmer is working in a new project: Farmer Gang. A new band, composed by himself, his young brother and experient musicians from Brazilian national jazz. Soon, they’ll launch their first album, full of compositions and arrangements made by Thales.
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