The making of, a wonderful journey with fans and friends

reggae musicians, dub masters and singers from different countries are working with us on this beautiful project. They all have a great love for Bob Marley’s songs. And that is why this project is so special, Marley fans from everywhere united for Marley fans.


  • David Cairol (France) our biggest thanks to him for his amazing lead vocals & friendship, many thx to Judy Mowatt for introducing him to this project!
  • Shemabeth McGregor (USA) for those awesome backing vocals! One love!
  • Judy Mowatt (Jamaica) lead & backing vocals
  • Marcia Griffiths (Jamaica) lead & backing vocals
  • Andrew Tosh, son of legend Peter Tosh (Jamaica) lead vocal
  • Latoya HD (Jamaica) (Toots and The Maytals) backing vocals
  • Anicia Banks (Jamaica) (Dennis Brown) backing vocals
  • Brinsley Forde (UK) (Aswad) lead vocals
  • Mo Ali (Sudan) lead and backing vocals
  • Rebecca Wezenbeek (Netherlands) backing vocals
  • Claudius England (Jamaica) backing vocals
  • Fredrik Konradsen (Denmark) backing vocals
  • John Jesus (Portugal) backings vocals
  • Rica Newell USA (Ziggy Marley & the Melody makers, Stephen Marley) backing vocals


  • Alain Meloen (Belgium) many thx for all his bass and rhythm guitar tracks, together with Peter the rhythm section and backbone of all these re-recordings. Big up!
  • Robin ‘Robbie’ van Rijswijk (Netherlands) many thx for his great dedication and contribution to this project, a real guitar hero!
  • Junior Marvin (USA) lead guitar
  • Donald Kinsey (USA) lead guitar
  • Thomas Bekhuis (Netherlands) rhythm & lead guitar
  • Thales Lion Farmer (Brazil) lead guitar
  • David Micoli (Belgium) rhythm guitar
  • Christian Larcombe (UK) lead guitar
  • Renato Taimes (Brazil) lead guitar
  • Tiago Croce (Brazil) rhythm & picking guitar
  • Takao Uehara (Brazil) rhythm guitar
  • Jackson ‘Jacko’ Bagatini (Brazil) rhythm guitar


  • Lucas Riccordi (Brazil) clavinet, Fender Rhodes & Wurlitzer
  • Peter Wezenbeek (Netherlands) keys, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, piano, clavinet
  • Rafael Labate (USA) upright piano, clavinet
  • Jojo Gladdy (Netherlands) piano
  • Rein de Jong (Netherlands) Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, clavinet
  • Christian Cowlin (UK), FOH engineer of the Wailers, keyboards
  • Daniel Labate (Brazil) organ
  • Dion Groebe (Netherlands) clavinet
  • Idir Derdiche (France) keyboard player of Dub Inc, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, keys
  • Bredda Marcus (Netherlands) keys
  • Rafael Senegal (Brazil) organ


  • Emiel van der Heide (Netherlands) saxophone
  • Thomas Streutgers (Netherlands) saxophone
  • Peter Lieberom (Netherlands) saxophone
  • Jeroen Kiewiet (Netherlands) trumpet
  • Ronald Arkesteijn (Netherlands) trumpet
  • Jan van Duikeren (Netherlands) trumpet
  • Louk Boudesteijn (Netherlands) trombone
  • Mac de Roode (Netherlands) trombone
  • Jesse Bonell (Netherlands) trombone
  • Ruben Verbruggen (Belgium) alto saxophone
  • Jan van Moer (Belgium) trumpet
  • Quinten de Craecker (Belgium) trombone
  • Samuel Charelli (Brazil) trumpet
  • Daniel Charelli (Brazil) trombone
  • Cláudio Silva (Brazil) tenor saxophone
  • Cédric ‘Tribuman’ Munsch (France) trumpet & trombone
  • Romain ‘Mux’ Pivard (France) saxophone
  • Guido van de Wijdeven (Netherlands) trumpet

Drums & percussion

  • Peter Wezenbeek (Netherlands) drums & percussion
  • Ricardo Simons (Netherlands) drums
  • Matías ‘Matos’ Quintana (Argentina) percussion
  • John Jesus (Portugal) percussion
  • Aurel Percu (France) percussion
  • Aston Barrett jr. (USA) drums

Studio, engineers & links

  • Droomtent Recording Studio (Netherlands), the best place for reggae recording and mixing!
  • Anchor Studio (Jamaica) for recording Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths & Andrew Tosh
  • Harry J Studio (Jamaica) for recording Andrew Tosh
  • Peter Wezenbeek (Netherlands) producer, recording & mix engineer
  • Dubcreator (Netherlands), DM Kahn (Canada), Seb Westfinga (France), Lukie Roots (Slovakia), Dmitri Vassiliev (Russia), Jah Servant (Canada), Michael Exodus (Roma- Italy), Indidub (France) and Russ Disciple (UK), thx guys for these great dub versions
  • Peter Brussee (Netherlands) Q Point Digital Audio master engineer
  • DEARreality, thank you for endorsing us with the awesome dearVR pro software plug-in (
Zion Train - previewSo Much Trouble In The World - previewShe Used To Call Me Dada - previewZimbabwe - previewTrenchtown Rock - previewThem Belly Full - previewThe Heathen featuring Brinsley Forde - previewRoots - previewSo Much drum & bass - previewRunning Away/Crazy Baldhead - previewRoots Rock Reggae - previewPrecious World - previewPositive Vibration - previewOne Drop - previewNo Woman No Cry - previewNatural Mystic - previewNatty Dread - previewAmbush In The Night - previewKinky Reggae - previewJamming - previewIs This Love - previewI Shot The Sheriff - previewBabylon Feel This One - previewCrisis - previewAmbush drum & bass - previewMusic Lesson (I.P.) - previewCould You Be Loved - previewSmall Axe David - previewShe's Gone - previewSatisfy My Soul - previewRebel Music - previewCrisis 12 Inch - previewConcrete Jungle - previewBurning & Looting - previewThe Heathen - preview